Personal Information
Youngbeom Jung
research interests
International Journal Papers
Youngbeom Jung, Hyeonuk Kim, Seungkyu Choi, Jaekang Shin, Lee-Sup Kim
Energy-Efficient CNN Personalized Training by Adaptive Data Reformation
IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, 2023
Yunki Han, Kangkyu Park, Youngbeom Jung, Lee-Sup Kim
EGCN: An Efficient GCN Accelerator for Minimizing Off-Chip Memory Access
IEEE Transactions on Computers, 2022
Hyeonuk Kim, Youngbeom Jung, Lee-Sup Kim
ADC-Free ReRAM-based In-Situ Accelerator for Energy-Efficient Binary Neural Networks
IEEE Transactions on Computers, 2022
Youngbeom Jung, Hyeonuk Kim, Yeongjae Choi, Lee-Sup Kim
Quantization-Error-Robust Deep Neural Network for Embedded Accelerators
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II, 2022
International Conference Papers
Youngbeom Jung, Yeongjae Choi, Jaehyeong Sim, Lee-Sup Kim
eSRCNN: A Framework for Optimizing Super-Resolution Tasks on Diverse Embedded CNN Accelerators
IEEE/ACM International Conference On Computer Aided Design, 2019