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Yunki Han
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research interests
International Journal Papers
Yunki Han, Kangkyu Park, Youngbeom Jung, Lee-Sup Kim
EGCN: An Efficient GCN Accelerator for Minimizing Off-Chip Memory Access
IEEE Transactions on Computers, 2022
International Conference Papers
Junkyum Kim, Myeonggu Kang, Yunki Han, Yanggon Kim, Lee-Sup Kim
OptimStore: In-Storage Optimization of Large Scale DNNs with On-Die Processing
IEEE International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture, 2023
Kangkyu Park, Yunki Han, Lee-Sup Kim
Deferred Dropout: An Algorithm-Hardware Co-Design DNN Training Method Provisioning Consistent High Activation Sparsity
IEEE/ACM International Conference On Computer Aided Design, 2021